What is the mission of Statiegeld B.V.? And how does it work?

Our mission is a cleaner and greener Bonaire. No more glass to the landfill and along the side of the road. We want to achieve this by introducing the sale of deposit money on bottles (statiegeld), which we, as most probably already know, have been busy with for quite a while.

We are regularly asked if people can also return glass other than deposit bottles to us… The answer is yes, we would very much like to collect ALL the glass so that we can recycle it!!

How does it work?

Thanks to the collaboration between Statiegeld B.V., Bonred and Selibon, the collected glass is no longer dumped on the landfill. Selibon has been busy for a while now to collect all the glass, that has been deposited in the yellow glass containers recently and was used to be dumped on the landfill, and bring this to our location where the glass will be crushed into sand (see photo). This sand will be used in, for example, concrete and road construction.

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It is therefore of great importance that the yellow glass containers (those of Statiegeld B.V. or Selibon) are used, and the glass is not thrown away in the household waste (green containers). You can also hand in your glass at Selibon or Statiegeld B.V. at any time! This is the only way we can process the glass in the right way. It is estimated that about 80% of the glass is still being dumped in the household waste, and therefor still ends up on the landfill!!

In addition, there are our statiegeld products, which are returned empty after use, and will be returned to the country of origin. Here the crates and bottles will be recycled properly.

For the residents/entrepreneurs on Bonaire it’s a small step, but the impact on Bonaire will be of great significance: The amount of waste on the landfill will not grow (and perhaps even shrink on the long term), the island will become cleaner, we create employment, and raw material (sand) is obtained that benefits construction.

At this moment more than 60 entrepreneurs on Bonaire have taken the step to contribute. The Statiegeld B.V. hopes that all residents, and more entrepreneurs, on Bonaire are aware that this is THE way to keep our island attractive for all who love Bonaire.

Hopi bon tòg!!!

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